Know Why You Should Have Hollow Fiber Pillows at Home

There has been enormous study on the role and use of pillows. In varied renowned science journals recently, the benefits of the linen are questioned and their use is critically opinionated. But you need not worry as hollow fibers pillows which are specially designed to comfort the sleepers with bouncy and loft textures would help re-establish the trust one may have lost as a result of the scientific findings.


The pillows are stuffed in special recon conjugate fibers. The three dimensional soft and lofty texture would soothe the tired and sprained neck, head, shoulder and upper spine with upmost agility as the uniform and even surface ensure comfort from every corner and angle.

The springing coil that co-joints the nodes of recon conjugate fibers to each other adds to the bouncy feel of the fillers. Apart from this, they also ensure warmth, cozy and comfort feel to the sleeper. The perfect contour design of the polyester fiber pillows serve as a supportive base that helps the sleeper relaxes while resting on its soft surface.

The polyester fabrics make sure the fillers stay intact at their place. Endowed with the qualities of natural fibers, they engage a smooth and fine soothing feel to the skin. Its anti-allergenic features ensure a germ free and clean setting to the bedding.

Available in a number of sizes, they would seem wonderfully with any diameter of the bed. Their light weight makes them conducive to switch from one bed to other furniture an easier task to perform.

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Bring Home Hollow Fiber Pillows for Cozy & Stylish Bedding

Aspire to live, breathe and dream on a lavish and comforting bedding like what we experience in hotel rooms during vacations. One can now attain the similar look and feel easily by recreating that similar soothing, plum and cozy essence in the confines of our home with use of special pillow.


Filled with padded layers of recon, three dimensional conjugate fibers, they fulfill one’s aspiration of relaxing and sleeping on bouncy and cozy pair of linens. The springing and bouncy lofts of fibers would make one feel relieved from physical tiredness and psychological stresses. So as result, you would attain a dose of peaceful and heavenly sleep.

The hollow fibre pillows from homescapesindia promises to provide a pleasant good night experience to sleeper with lively, refresh and rejuvenated morning. It would instantly lift your mood. The dense lofty fills that envelop the pillow from every corner and angle provide bouncy feel with the help of spring coil connected to each cord of fiber.

The bounce back pillows provide warmth, cozy and support to the neck, head, upper spine and shoulder. These are the body parts which form the vital cog to the way human body functions. The combination of both polyester and cotton fabrics keep the fillers intact in their place and stop it from shifting off from its position.

The thermal bonded silkonized fabrics not just provide an extra edge of flexibility and loftiness to the linens but also enshrine stylish look to the white linens.

The glossy shine of the stripes and the thin piping on the edges overall highlight the classy and dapper look of the pillow. The double stitching gives an added dose of strength and durability to special linens.