Colorful Bed Sheets to Revamp Your Bedroom

If you want to give a grand look to your bedroom then give a special treatment to your bedding as it is the most important furniture in your bedroom. Bedding is the center of attraction when your friends and relatives enter into your bedroom. Therefore, to give the best treatment to your bedding drape your mattress with solid color bed sheets as the single shade of color will look elegant and classy. Your home will look like a five- star hotel, and create a Zen- like space which will make a great ambience in your bedroom.

Bed Sheets

We all know that color soothes our eyes, therefore Homescapes come up with different shades of colorful bed sheets such as-

Red– Red color is warm and always gives positive vibes and will empower so that you can keep yourself energetic all the time. This will create a romantic ambience as red is the symbol of love and romance.

Orange– It will rejuvenate your spirit and give you the feel of tropical surroundings. It is also known as the color of motivation which will help you look at the brighter side of the life.

Blue– if you are in a stress then this color will heal all your stress as these colors have the advantage to reduce your stress. It will give you the sense of calmness relax and also a great comfort.

White– it will give a great perfection to your bedding as it is well known for its hygiene. It also reflects the look of luxury and will add a supreme elegance in your bedroom.

Grey color– It will refresh your mood with its sophisticated look and add a positive environment which will make your day awesome.

If you really want to take the pleasure of these colors then buy bed sheets online India from and enrich your bedding. These high thread counts in bed sheets have a natural dye which will give a longer durability to its colors and to the fabric.


Why Should You Spend In Cotton Bed Linens

I love sleeping. So does everyone else, I am damn sure. But do you know that your bed sheet plays an important role in providing you that comfortable setting which helps you to get goodnight sleep? The fabric, feel, texture and color can affect your sleeping pattern. When it comes to selecting the best fabric, cotton wins the competition.


Being a natural fiber, cotton is a softer, smoother and more comfortable choice. Cotton breathes and so does the fabric made from it. Apart from few basic qualities there are more to cotton bed sheets. You can buy cotton bed linen online or from a branded store, wherever you feel more comfortable. The following advantages will surely explain why cotton is so popular.

  1. Allergen Free– The best thing about cotton is that it is made from natural fiber. Completely organic and natural, linens made form cotton do not cause any rashes or redness on the skin. They never feel sticky or greasy against your skin and remain allergen free. The quality of the cotton depends on the length of the individual staples or fibers. The longer the fiber, the better the cotton.
  1. Thread Count– A thread count simply refers to how many threads are woven into one square inch, lengthwise and widthwise. Finer and softer sheets are the result of finer threads woven into each square inch. The higher the thread count, the higher the quality of the sheets. A good quality of the sheets start at 180 and a count of 200 or more are considered percale.
  1. Percale & Sateen– Percale is plain weave, closely woven and made from both combed yarns and carded. Sateen is weave construction that has more yarn surface than other basic weaves. It gives a softer and more lustrous look like satin. You can buy some of the finest range of bed linen online at various shopping

Pick cotton as they will give you many more benefits. They are easy manageable and washable at home. When it comes to durability, nothing can beat cotton. So pick wisely and spend smartly!