Guide to Good Invest to Own Luxury Down Feather Duvets

Essentially the duvets are stuffed in variety of fills depending on the purpose, requirements and demands of market which are driven by the purchasing power and behavior of the customers. The consumers who till date buy the comforter to give their bedding a complete look and to present a lavish appearance to the room décor acquire hardly any knowledge regarding the benefits of the down feather duvets and how one can measure the quality of the linen.

goose down feather duvet

To help customers understand the benefits of goose down duvets and guide them to purchase quality linen for their home, one must read through the features that these linens endow:-

Power of fillers– They serve a dual purpose of comforting the sleeper with their thermal insulation and therapeutic qualities. Now you would wonder what features these are and how it benefits the sleeper, well on one side the down fills would help you trap the flow of  icy or warm air that circulate in the environment, it would successfully alter the temperature of the surrounding of sleeper and make him/her  feel comfortable. A sound and interrupted sleep is assured as it would create a soothing ambiance with its warm and cozy feel in winters and cool vibes in summers. On the other hand the softy and lofty texture of the goose feathers would provide support to the natural curve of spine and retain the right body postures with their contouring design.

Multipurpose fabrics– It serves as protective layer to keep the fillers intact in their place. Apart from this they check the volume of moisture in the surrounding and extract excess amount of sweat and body fluids to make you feel easy with yourself. Its hypoallergenic features ensure immunity from infection and allergies and as well ensure customers neat, clean and hygienic surroundings. Its fine weaves and high thread count endure strength and durability to linens.

Buy down feather duvet online from homescapesIndia to seek the comforts of its quality fillers and benefits of natural fibers.


Duvet Brings a Cozy Ambience and Give Great Relaxation

Duvet comes in a variety of fillings such as in down & feather, and organic & super micro fiber. It looks amazing when gets fitted on a bed. Hence, you may know the merits of fillings and all about the quality through following tips-


Down and feather– filled with a mixture of half feather and half duck down. You would always wake up fresh and get ready to enjoy all the time as it soothes your eyes. Available in four sizes: single, double, king and super king. It can also be used as a blanket too as it warms you with its cuddly features. Buy duvets online from homescapesindia and enter into the zone of comfort level.

Organic-have a soft and smooth texture with natural filling that would play an important role as it would keep you calm and comfortable whenever you relax yourself. Now, you don’t have to roll up your body as the filling is done with natural fibers, not with the fibers like synthetic. Therefore, you may experience the allergy free sleeping.

Super microfiber-will improves your sleeping style with its patterns and style. It is adorned with subtle sophistication that exudes classy appeal.

Your body always screams for a nice and warm bed where you can lie down yourself and rest peacefully. The stuffing will not get ruffled even after rolling on the bed. You will not come across any disease such as breathing problem and skin rashes as it is made up with hypo allergic features. It also has a waterproof barrier which will keep the sweat away from the duvet.

For a perfect wonder sleep use duvet, this unique product would offer softness and also makes you breathe properly. It has a power to adjust according to the temperature and keep you warm and cozy whenever you go for a sleep. Whether it is cold or not so cold, it would surely keep you cozy and comfortable too. It is ideal for all season with an excellent heat control capacity. Choose luxury duvet online from homescapesindia and rediscover a gateway to extreme relaxation along with style.

Why Should You Invest in Baffle Box Constructed Down Feather Duvet?

First of all, you must be wondering what is baffle box. Well, let you first explain the how it works. Shell in the shape of squares commonly known as chambers is stitched with sidewalls. These squares are stitched with a vertical interior lining which ensures the fillings of the down feathers stay intact in their position and doesn’t shift or poke off from the exterior walls of baffle box construct.


The soft and lofty fills of down feathers along with the padded 3-dimensional chambers of baffle box contributes to the voluminous and sumptuous look of the duvet. It would make your room look spacious and the sleeper would feel extremely comfortable and cozy in its confines.

There are certain parts of the body like neck, shoulder, and spine which are sensitive as compared to other parts. They are the ones which endure the maximum amount of body pressure which may result from long working hours in office or consequence of adopting leisure ways of lifestyle. The constant pressure may result in the generation of body heat and body aches. Buy down feather duvet as its baffle box design trap the heat of your body and offers a perfectly balanced surface which delivers complete comfort.

You may easily catch cold and cough in this monsoon season. The sudden spell of the shower may invite cold winds to enter your home. Duvets won’t let cold winds to trespass its surface and make you feel shivery. It would immune you from viral and ailments as the duvets would protect you from changing weather conditions.

Not just weather but double bed duvet from would also shield you from skin rashes and infections. Duvets are dust mite proof which ensures clean, neat and hygienic conditions.

Surrender In the Warmth and Comfort of Multifunctional Duvets

There are hundreds of varieties of duvets available in the market but the one that sets HomescapesIndia apart from those in the crowd is its high-quality filler and fabric stuffing.

The duvets comprise of super micro fibers, organic and down feather fillings. Down feather duvet imbibe varied properties that help you feel comfortable and as well assure you sound sleep. In this process, you may reap some health benefits of down fill duvets.


Protecting from Flu and Virus: – you may be constantly falling prey to virus owing to constant change or due to intense weather conditions. As down fills are installed with temperature controlling features, it will help you stay immune from cold, cough and pneumonia in winters as it would soothe you in its warmth and comfort while keeping you relaxed during the other seasons.

Soft & Cozy Feel: – the moment you surrender yourself in the soft and lofty goose down duvets, you would instantly fall in sleep. Its smooth texture and box wade pattern are so impeccably designed that you won’t be able to imagine your nights without its comfort. The next morning you will surely wake up refreshed and energetic as it’s cozy and comfort design would help you soothe your physical and mental exhaustion with its padded cotton box wades.

Health Benefits: – down fills is dust mite proof which will immune you from long term respiratory or even asthmatic problems. It is published in varied health journals that people who breathe in areas where high levels of air pollutant particle material are registered above the 2.5mm range; they are bound to suffer from chronic respiratory issues. As down fills won’t let dust or any other allergy carriers to enter or rest on duvets surface, you will always stay safe from the side effects of air pollution.

Moreover, even if you cuddle with duvets and embrace it in your arms, they won’t crumble as its loft fill returns back to the same shape and fluffiness. For an extended life, conceal them in duvet covers.

Duvets, A Comfortable Way To Sleep

Give a unique look to your bed with a cuddly duvet. Experience a comfortable sleep with down feather duvets which look amazing when you place it on your bed. It is ideal for all seasons and the most important feature of this duvet is that it has the ability to keep you comfortable even during summer nights.

Duvet Cover Online

Cotton duvet sets are stuffed with two premium grade of fillings goose and down feather which are pure and natural. This makes these duvets light in weight so that you may not feel the heftiness on top of your body. You will experience a luxurious sensation every time you get on your bed. The texture of the duvets is smooth to touch which makes them perfect for your skin as well.

The size of the duvet is also important as it should match the size of your bed. Any big or small size of duvet can ruin the look of your bedroom. You can buy duvet online from Homescapes in any size. Single, double, king and super king are the most common size of duvets. You can also custom order your duvets according to the size of your bed.

They are skin friendly and do not allow any growth of germs and bugs which will keep you away from breathing problem and skin irritation. The outer covering of the duvet is made from cotton which allows air to easily pass through. After use, you can keep the duvet spread over your bed which gives a lofty appearance. So, take this advantage by getting a duvet for your personal use. You will notice a good change in your sleep and comfort just after a day of use. These duvet covers are available online at at budget-friendly prices.