Invest in Cervical Pillows to Make Travel Comfortable

Travel is never easy for people who suffer from constant aches or stress to neck and adjoining areas. Medically, the pain to such portion is known as cervical. Doctors recommend cervical collars for those who suffer from acute stress. But we may thank to homescapesindia, the patients of cervical now have a convenient option of purchasing cervical support pillow that would make them feel comfortable even in most challenging locations.


Alternate solution

As collars can be quiet tricky to manage for longer duration, the hospitality expert brand offers a medical solution that would solve all queries of travel buffs. They are now even recommended by professionals also.


They endow a special U-design which would contour the neck with its padded comfort. They promise to support the natural curve of the neck with its innovative U design that holds the neck firmly in its grip.

Memory foam

The pillows comprise of fillers that extract all the pain from the body to make the patient feel easy while travelling.

The memory foam comprises of down and feather fills that are heat sensitive and ensure the traveler feel relive from stress overall. The fillers help to extract excess amount of heat from neck portions. The ease in flow of circulation ensures travelers feel relieved and relax during and course of journey. While feather fills ensure a soothing touch to the skin, down fills help to monitor the temperature of immediate surroundings.

Hygienic ambiance

Down fills are basically anti-dust mite which ensure the traveler breathed and sleep in neat and hygienic conditions. Cotton hypoallergenic feature contributes equally to the setup.

All-round comforter

No matter you travel in bus or car or resting in your hotel room, the pillows are a perfect partner for peaceful sleep. One won’t feel as if they are residing in different locations as comfort of linen is hard to match by even normal pillows.

So if you suffer from constant neck pain but want to avoid the strain of collar, then gift  yourself cervical spondylosis pillow available on online store of homescapesindia.


Down Feather Duvets a Solution to All Sleeping Issues

There are days when despite being extremely tired and feeling lethargic, the sleeper is still not able to experience a sound nap. They keep fidgeting from left to right and vice versa all night. So after one has tested for pillow check and has successfully met his expectations, one definitely needs to change their blanket immediately. One has option to purchase double bed duvet from homescapesindia to assure comfort from all angles and corners.


Comfort from all angles

The spread of the duvet is so large that it can cover even king or queen size bed with ease. Mothers can rest at noon along with their toddler kids wrapping them from all the sides so they experience warmth in cooler climes of December.

Contouring body for peaceful sleep

There is huge misconception regarding blanket that they comfort the sleeper only from intense climes of the terrain. But with duvets this notion is invalid. The quality filler of down feathers and baffle box construction ensures an ease is felt from every angle.

Benefits of fillers

While the fillers help control the temperature of the setup with down fill, the feather extract helps to soothe the tired nerves with their therapeutic nature. They extract all the pressure of the body with their soft and tender textures. The baffle box construct ensures even and uniform comfort with their cotton fabric paddings and check quilling. The defined contouring lines cover each and every part of body frame to render a peaceful dose of sleep to the individual.

Hygiene and neat surrounding is assured with use of down fills and cotton fabrics which provides support to fillers from oozing out of the fillers.

Affordable to own

The quality goose down duvet is made easy to afford for people belonging to all the section of the society with their attractive 25% discount and free shipping services through the country.

How to Get Redefined Bedding with Quilted Mattress Protector

You must have experienced the fall of liquid on the mattress and then must have faced the ugly stains on the mattress. The constant stains on the bedding can ruin its expensive stuff and reduce its life. We all know that once the stains get fixed on the bedding it’s hard to remove it. Hence to overcome with this problem, mattress protector is best & the ideal one.


Extraordinary features for better comfort

You may go to own quilted mattress protector from online portal of homescapesindia as it provides a much enhanced sleeping experience and the cushioning effect support to the entire body part and gives a cozy feel. The extraordinary features are proof to be better at holding the shape of the body and align the postures properly. Find it unique as it prevents from overheating and draws away all the sweats from the body.

Extend the durability of the bedding

If you choose to sleep on the mattress without adding a guard then, it is sure that stuffing of the mattress compresses completely under your bodyweight and the bedding becomes dread and dull. The market is flooded with the stock and quality of the protector but the best you would get from the online portal of homescapesindia. Every mattress needs protections as the protectors do not only extend the durability of the mattress but also add more support and comfort to the bedding and surely make the bed blissful. Add a further layer of comfort & protect your expensive mattress from spills and stains. You may enjoy your sleeping as they are padded with a thin layer of foam.

Know the value of comfort

Sleep under the surveillance of protective element and know the value of comfort. you may prefer to buy mattress protector online from the house of homescapes as the smooth and fine texture give a clean and crisp appearance so that you don’t have to remake the bedding again and again. It surely gives a refined look even you twist and turn your body.

Cotton Bed Sheets for Transforming the Look of the Bedroom

Easily, you may modify your bed to a place where you may lie down and enjoy a soothing sleep without any kind of worry, stress or discomfort. Enjoy the comforting aura by taking yourself into the world of comfort. Always try to go for sheets which simultaneously give comfort and elegance to the bedroom. In addition, the feature like anti-dust makes it perfect piece for maintaining hygiene in surrounding. You may buy cotton bed sheets from the house of homescapes as it provides you the various ways for transforming overall look and hygiene of the bedroom.


Smooth finishing with hygiene

The modern style of designs transforms your home into a beautiful palace. This collection of sheets does not leave even a single stone unturned to give the bedroom a magical touch and glamorous appearance. It is available in rich Indian colors which fill positive vibes in the space. Feel true luxury and give a vintage look to the bedroom; the fabric used gives the posh touch to the entire surroundings as well as maintains hygiene in bedroom. Possess the beauty, comfort and hygiene at the same time. You may get the variety of collection which has smooth finishing and an exceptional longevity.

Premium quality fabric

The unique collection of these sheets provides luxury sensation and gives double benefit as the look of the sheets lends the majestic feel and the fabric give you a pleasant sleep. The splash of lively colors and elegant look create such an aura that your eyes are ready to enjoy. This fabric that has been used in the covers is totally pure which not make you suffer from any disease such as skin rashes and sneezing problem. It is easy to maintain as it is machine wash using warm water and mild detergent. Being colorfast and strong it endures a rough wash without any damage. You may buy high thread count bed sheets from the house of Homescapes as it ensures strength and durability.

Bring Home Microfiber Duvet for Filling Heavenly Warmth

Make your winter warmer and feel cozy. You may go to choose from different sizes such as single or double. Our body always demands for a nice and warm bed where we want to lie down and rest peacefully with a sound sleep. Hence, you may experience the warmth as you step inside them and feel the ultra- superior comfort & smooth texture of the clean surface area of the duvet.  Microfiber duvet gives cold and chilly night a touch of warm with a layer of its extraordinary fluffy microfibers. The power of filling offers a great warmness.


Comfy & Soft

If we talk about the features then, duvet is leading out in the comfort sensation like it may drape without the bed sheets and offers a luxury quality touch to the bedding. Hence, you may use it as a substitute like use in the place of the blanket and take a cuddly feel from it. For a perfect wonder sleep, you may use this unique comforter for obtaining supreme softness and super loft; that resultantly makes you breathe properly. It has a power to adjust according to the temperature and keep you warm and cozy whenever you go for a sleep. Whether it is cold or not, it is sure for keeping you cozy and comfortable too. It is ideal for all seasons with an excellent heat control capacity and rediscovers a gateway to extreme relaxation and style.

Best insulator for winters

The one thing which strikes in mind for warm & cozy bedding is none other than duvet which has been made from super microfiber. You may shop microfiber double duvet from the house of homescapes & feel something special. Find an additional protective layer that protects the stuffing from oozing out. Choose this best insulator that would keep you warm in winters & cool in summers.

Embrace Comforting Dohars in Comfy Arms for Special Feel

After working hard through continuously up to 5 days to 6 days in the week, one definitely deserves a relaxing weekend. These days are all spent lazily lying on the bed in the embrace of comfy bedding linens.

Beddings which are basically comprised of sheet, pair of cushion, pillows and blankets are stuffed in layers of lofty fabric filling that undertakes the responsibility to provide a sound, uninterrupted dose of sleep to the person.


Quality blanket

Cotton fabrics would ensure the skin experiences a perfect blend of soothing feel and relaxing aura in the embrace of quality blanket. This is made possible as the fine weaves of the thread yarn are inter woven to give a smooth texture to the quilt, so when you run your hand through them, they are extremely pleasant to touch and irresistible to leave. A soothing aura is experienced as one feels an indomitable sense of relaxing in the contouring design of the luxury blanket.

Ensuring hygienic surrounding

One can feel a sense of discomfort and unease if they sleep on dust ridden bedding or breathe in unhygienic surroundings hence hampering with the quality of the sleep, but if you buy dohars online from the house of Homescapesindia, there is no need to worry if bedding is neat and tidy.

As cotton is made of natural organic fibre, they make sure the anti-allergenic carriers don’t rest on the surface of the linen. Cotton eventually helps to prevent the presence of dust mite, pollution and germs to gather on the surface of the linens.

The cotton fabrics ensure the sleeper rest on hygienic, tidy and natural surroundings so the person could relax without any worry or hassles of suffering from infection or breathing issues.

You may easily own such dohar blankets from online store from homescapesIndia so, you could gain access to all weather comforting quilt. Their designer features would add on the value of the line and make interiors look even more beautiful.

Endure Soft Cervical Pillows for Quality Luxury Bedding

If you are one of those who do not feel satisfied with the usual things in life and seek something special for self all the time; the first element that assures the feel of being special is winning yourself a pair of comfy bedding.

The comfy bedding is best exemplified with a perfect combination of bed sheets, cushion, pillows and blankets. Your perfect dose of sleep is best fulfilled through buying soft cervical pillow from online portal of homescapesindia.


Peaceful uninterrupted relaxation

So the moment you enter the space of bedroom, just lie down on the comforting embrace of luxury linen that would make you feel relaxed and relieved from the tiredness of an engaging day.

The pillow which is stuffed in layers of memory foam that is further embossed with the soft and lofty down fills that would provide you comfort with their soothing texture that runs smoothly across the skin of neck, head, shoulders, and upper spine to give endearing experience of uninterrupted sleep. They would meanwhile also assure a temperature controlled environment for one to feel airy, cool in months of summer while warm, cozy in chilly climes. Pillow is apt to use in all seasons.

The second element that is included in foam is feather fills. The fills would help to extract excessive heat from the body, release the pressure and pain, make one feel relaxed and rejuvenated in the presence of cervical support pillows.

Special designing

Their innovative U-design would contour and support each corner and angle of the body part where you place them. They would also help to realign the faulty body position one may have encountered as a result of using an oversized pillow.

Affordable pricing

If you believe that the special designed pillow would cost you dear, then its misconception that needs to be done away with owning pillows which are available at online portal of homescapesindia at attractive discount of 20%.